You are welcome to our sport swimwear UK online shop, where you can buy or order high quality colourful sustainable sport swimwear, curvy swimsuits for ladies who like thin straps swim costumes, curvy swimwear with a great range of movement. Customers can purchase Delfina bespoke limited edition print thin straps swim costumes made from chlorine resistant fabrics, in sizes 30 - 44, but we only stock them up to size 40 ( email pre-order bigger sizes). The newest stock is made out of a performant durable fabric, Carvico Xlance Eco which sustains a heavy swimming regime and it is a recycled plastics Eco-friendly Fabric. The older stock is also made out of a 100% polyester or polyester and PBT blend, both high performance and chlorine proof fabrics.

Delfina Curvy Bathers swimsuits can be bought from stock or ordered in many cute prints: mermaid, cow, fish, panda and many more custom prints. They come fully lined, so ideal for open water swimming, winter swimming and the extreme sport, ice swimming.​ The limited-edition sublimated prints on the Delfina bespoke swimwear make them a truly unique looking, chlorine resistant training costumes. Delfina has a focus on comfort and performance carefully balancing all of this to create a suit that offers an enhanced support and comfort. 

Please see equivalent sizes for different countries. It is just a guidance chart. Please see below the information for all different styles stocked, including size advice.