You are welcome to our Curvy Bathers sport swimwear UK online shop, where you can buy or order high quality colourful sport swimwear. Bear in mind that the Korean Designer swimwear brands: TSNine and Hoog are only made in sizes up to 34, and Jkuss up to size 36. Don't forget the beautiful Jkuss kneesuits, also available up to size 36. Fabrics are mostly Extra-Life Lycra, Polyester and Elastane blends, but a few are 100% Polyester, so fully chlorine resistant / proof.

1. Customers can purchase Delfina bespoke limited edition print sustainable swimsuits made from a durable fabric, Carvico Xlance Eco which will sustain a heavy swimming regime. It is a recycled yarn, Eco-friendly sustainable fabric. The Delfina togs also perfect for all masters club competitors: platform and springboard divers, triathlon, underwater hockey / octopush, swimming, underwater rugby, or just use them for leisure swimming. If you like ice swimming, open water swimming, sea swimming, then the Delfina costumes are a perfect choice, as they are fully lined. We cater for a great range of sizes, and most shapes are listed on the
Shop: Women page, so if you are after a size smaller than 30, please message. On this page we are just introducing you to our new range for younger customers or more daring ladies, wanting to show a tiny bit more:  Diverback & Brazilian Cut Diverback, which are ideal for springboard and platform diving and artistic swimming competition and training. They are modern shapes, very much liked by our European customers, swimsuits that have a high leg cut and narrow bottom.

2. We sell on our 
Acquawear sport swimwear online shop, literally hundreds of designer Korean swimsuits from brands such as JKUSS, Hogg and TSNine, which are extremely popular with age group clubs and master clubs all over Europe, so we decided to introduce you to them here at Curvy Bathers. 

The Korean made swim costumes are silky, comfortable and long lasting and are popular amongst platform and springboard divers and synchronised swimmers (artistic swimmers) because of the long lasting vibrant colours and outstanding designs which include mermaid designs and anime Kakao Friends character prints. The Korean swimsuits are very versatile, are available in approximately eight different swimsuit back types, which include thick and thin straps; fixed and tie back. 

We also cater for the boys, selling Briefs for divers and Jammers for the swimmers.